Best Time to Visit Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Warriors locating east of Xian city (45min-1hour drive from Xian) is the must important tourist attractions in Xian, no tourist would skip it when doing their first time Xian tour – no matter he is domestic or international tourist.

There are around 8000 terracotta soldiers excavated at present, but in the high tourist season, these 8000 figures need to treat almost 80,000 visitors daily. It is basically not a pleasant experience if go there in peak days of high tourist season.

So many tourists have the same question: What is the best time to visit Terracotta Warriors? Actually the Terracotta Warriors is a indoor site which would be effected by climate or season. So you can do there any time in the year. But if possible, we advise you avoid visit Terracotta Warriors in the following periods because during these periods it’s very crowded in Terracotta Warriors Museum. Some people joke that if you go there in these days, and if you are no taller than 1.75m, you will see more other visitors’ head back than Terracotta Army.

Xian-Terracotta Warriors and Horse
Terracotta Warriors and Horse

Chinese Spring Festival  Usually falls in late Jan to Mid Feb. No fixed date. Chinese people have a 7-day leave from work during Spring Festival. Many people would use the festival to do a family travel. And during the Spring Festival, it is not easy to find a guide because they are also on holiday with their family. Moreover, guide fee would triple the normal time.

Chinese National Day Holiday Oct 1-7. Terracotta Warriors Museum will be rather crowded from the 2nd day to the 6th day of the holiday. The worse thing is that the traffic from Xian to Terracotta Warrior would be very bad. In normal days it takes 45 min – 1 hour from Xian to Terracotta Warriors, but during National Day Holiday it may take 2 hours or longer.

Students Summer Vacation  Early July – End of August. All primary school, middle school, and collage’s summer vacation falls in the same time. These two months are also the peak season of domestic tourism. During these days, Terracotta Warriors Museum would receive more visitors than normal days, but much better than National Day Holiday and Spring Festival.

Terracotta Army
Terracotta Army

For tourist who just want a come-and-go visit there, the above can be ignored. But if you want a in-depth and close visit to the Terracotta soldiers, we really advise you avoid the above periods, or consult a local travel agency.