New Ticket Purchasing Policy of Terracotta Warriors and Horses

In the afternoon of September 19th, Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum called a press conference to announce new ticket purchasing policy which will be applied from October 1st, 2017.

In former years, in each public holiday Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum would become sea of people. Especially during Chinese National Day Holiday, the tourists’ feedback on Terracotta Warriors tour were far less pleasing. Some a few tourists even gave up their visit here because the terrible traffic jam on the way to the museum. To better the situation, Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum carried out the new policy to control visitor numbers.

From October 1st, 2017, both domestic and international tourists must offer their real name and passport number when buying the entrance ticket. When the daily visitor numbers reach top limit, the museum will stop ticket issuing on that day. And for tourists who fail to buy the entrance ticket, they could visit Qinshihuang Mausoleum Park,  K9901 & K0006 accompanying pits.

Below is the detailed introduction on the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum entrance ticket buying after Oct 1st, 2017.

Purchasing ticket online and offline in advance

  1. Opening the official website of the Museum . Clicking the red button on right and input required information, then pay the ticket by following guide. One account can also buy several tickets for others. If you don’t have an account on the website, it will remind you of register.
  2. Tourists could also purchase the ticket on other legal websites which was authorized by the museum to sell the ticket.
  3. If you have no way to buy the ticket online, please take your passport to ticket window at entrance of the museum to buy the ticket one day before your visiting day.

Offline ticket buying and collecting

If you booked the ticket online, on the visiting day, please go to ticket window and present your passport to the staff to get the paper ticket.

If you didn’t book the ticket in advance, please bring your passport to ticket window to buy the ticket. Please note that the window will stop ticket issuing when the visitor numbers reach the top limit.

Enter the museum with your passport

Visitors have to show the paper ticket and passport together to enter the museum. That rule are not applied to senior citizens and children who are qualified to visit the museum for free.

How Much Is It to See the Terracotta Army?

March 1- Nov 30: CNY150 per person

Dec 1 – Feb 28: CNY120 per person