Yunnan-A Must-Visit Wonderland in Winter

If you ask me where is the life I desired to live?

My answer must be “Yunnan”.

Located far south of the clouds, Yunnan is just like a dream attracting our hearts.

Wind, flowers, snow, moon, snow-capped mountains, grasslands, rivers… God has an unconcealable bias towards Yunnan.

You can almost satisfy all your imagination about travel here.

Yunnan is beautiful all year round. No matter when you travel to Yunnan, you will see the charm of her. Even in winter, it’s still as warm as ever.

Away from the hustle and bustle in peak season, Yunnan has taken her laziness and comfort to the utmost in winter.

For those who love to travel, as long as they heard these familiar names like Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La and Lugu Lake… they would show the longing obviously on their face.

Heading to the West—Yunnan

There is no unfinished work schedule here,

There is no unhappy life, no annoying things.

Only the warm sunshine and gentle wind in the ancient city,

As well as towering snow-capped mountains, breathtaking landscapes and rural life.

In Yunnan, you can put aside all your worries,

Just enjoy the beauty of the mountains and rivers, and feel your peaceful life.

Stroll along the bluestone road of the ancient city,

Feel a slow life hard to find in the peak season.

Immerse yourself in the romantic Cangshan mountain and Erhai park.

Find the “Lost Horizon” in the dreamy Shangri-La.

On the shore of Lugu Lake, waiting for seagulls in Siberia


The classic tourist destinations in Yunnan.

Lijiang Ancient Town: An ancient town must be on your list to visit in your life.

Dali Ancient Town: Slow Life in the ancient “Nanzhao”.

Erhai and Shuanglang ancient town: Encounter your romantic story.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain: The southernmost snow-capped Mountain in the Northern Hemisphere.

Lashi Lake: A paradise that remains primitive for migratory birds.

Blue Moon Valley: The water is azure blue in color like gems, and the valley is crescent-shaped.

Lugu Lake: The dazzling “Plateau Pearl”, also known as the mysterious Kindom of Women.

Shangri-La: Ideal Life “Shambhala”

Lugu lake

Lugu Lake first came into my mind is due to a piece of sweet music, I can’t help to imagine how beautiful it is as a holy land on earth.

Lugu Lake is so tranquil, the blue water is set against the blue sky seemed like it is bottomless, like a pearl, the small boat looks so literary and romantic, and the water ripples make the whole lake more lively.

Standing by the lake, the husband and wife tree really looks like an old couple, cuddling each other and accompanying each other in the old days, guarding a piece of pure land for a hundred years.

The boys and girls of the Mosuo tribe present full of happy smiles. From afar, we can hear loud singing sounded by the lake, listen to them telling the romantic stories of the Mosuo tribe, drinking the Sulima they brewed, and dancing by side a bonfire under the night sky to write your own story.

How many stories of the Mosuo tribe have been written on the magical and romantic marriage bridge, and how many memories have been left behind. Just leave the memories unique to you and your girl/boy here.

Lijiang Ancient Town

People always say that Lijiang is the capital of romantic stories, but they seem to have forgotten that Lijiang City is a world cultural heritage city with a history of 700 to 800 years. Lijiang Ancient Town, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and Shuhe Ancient Town are all characterized by mountain towns and water villages.

God must have a preference for Lijiang, even take away the time here, and only leave leisureliness in Lijiang. On the wooden corridor of the Ancient town Inn, you can bathe in the warm sunshine of the plateau, sipping a cup of Pu’er tea, and let your soul be completely calmed and relieved.

With the dimming of the sun and the quietly coming of the moon, the ancient streets of Lijiang gradually lit up, and melodious folk songs came from the alleys. Open a wooden door at will, listen to songs in the bar and drink a cup of wine, what a fantastic feeling!

Dali Ancient Town

Although Dali is as famous as Lijiang, it seems more laid-back here. You should never miss the romantic story of Changshan mountain and Erhai Lake.

Dali Ancient Town, located in the middle of the Erhai Lake, was once the capital of the ancient Nanzhao country and the birthplace of Bai culture. Boating on the Erhai Lake, you can experience the joy lifestyle of the local Bai people in the water village, also can feel a strong Bai nationality.

During the whole trip to Yunnan, there is no other place where you can deeply feel such a unique Bai nationality like Dali. Every corner of Dali is suitable for escaping, for wandering, and for quietly feeling.

Erhai Lake—Shuanglang Ancient Town

Erhai is not a sea, but it is bluer than the sea. There are many scenic spots around Erhai Lake, the Butterfly Spring, and the Three Pagodas of Dali, but the most unforgettable one is Erhai Lake, especially when the sun shines on the lake.

Shuanglang Ancient Town, a paradise left by the Erhai Lake. Quieter than Lijiang, more affectionate than Dali, no one who has been there doesn’t love it. The Bai fishing villages of large and small stretches on the shore, where the seascape and the field scenery blend together.

Blue Moon Valley

Blue Moon Valley, the blue gem at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, is surrounded by green mountains, and there are snow peaks in the distance. The lake in the Blue Moon Valley is transparent blue, so that when white clouds are running across the mountains, they would be reflected on the lake, like a dreamy fairyland.


“The first place where the sun shines is Jiantang in the East, and the most beautiful place on earth is Shangri-La on the banks of the Milky Way.” Since the publication of the American novelist James Hilton’s novel “Lost Horizon”, Shangri-La depicted in the work has aroused the yearning of countless people.

The white snow-capped mountains, the vast grasslands, the bright red hyoscyamus flowers, and the mysterious lamasery… constitute the most picturesque scenery here. The Tibetan transliteration of Shangri-La is also “Shambhala”, which means “the bright moon in the heart”.

Shangri-La refers to an ideal life in English, which means a paradise, and here, it is indeed a paradise, a paradise on earth.

Pudacuo National Park

There are mirror-like mountain lakes, beautiful grassy pastures, wetlands full of flowers, and primitive forests where birds and animals often appeared in Shangri-La Pudacuo National Park.

Yunnan is so attractive that boasts so many breathtaking natural landscapes, ancient towns featured in folk ethnic culture, historic relics and even modern leisure bars, as long as you set your feet on this wonderland, you will know that why so many tourists have listed Yunnan as the must-visit tourist destinations in their life.