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Songyang Academy – An Institution for Higher Education in Ancient China

Recognized as one of the four great academies in China, together with the other academies including Yingtian Academy, Bailudong Academy, and Yuelu Academy, Songyang Academy is an institution dedicated to higher education, and it has cultivated many important scholars and officials in ancient China for which it has gained a good reputation in the education field.

It was established in 484 AD for Buddhist teaching and rebuilt in the Song Dynasty; until then, Songyang Academy got its name. It was one of the sources of New Confucianism in the Song Dynasty and contributed a lot to its development.

Located at the base of Mount Taishi in Dengfeng, Henan Province, Songyang Academy in Songyang Scenic Area demonstrates a symmetrical layout in its architecture and a beautiful scenery of rivers and and mountains due to its natural advantages.


Songyang Academy Facts

  • Location: at the base of Mt Taishi in Dengfeng, Henan Province
  • Opening time: 8:00 am-7:00 pm
  • Ticket: CNY 30 per person. Children under 1.4 meters and seniors aged 60 and above have free admission.
  • Time Needed: About 1- 2 hours.
  • Best time to visit: Spring or Autumn
  • Suited to: People interested in ancient Chinese education, culture, and architecture.
Henan Dengfeng Songyang Academy
Songyang Academy

What to See and Do at Songyang Academy

1. Discover Ancient Architecture and Relics

The architecture in the academy has maintained a symmetrical layout since the Song Dynasty, consisting of five rows of buildings from south to north. Cypress trees in Songyang Academy, named General Cypress by Emperor Hanwu in the Han Dynasty, are 12 and 18 meters tall, through which you can catch sight of the history of ancient China since the Han Dynasty.

Outside the gate of Songyang Academy, there is a monument of the Tang Dynasty with inscriptions of 1078 characters on it, telling a story about a Taoist priest making alchemy for Emperor Xuanzong.

2. Immerse Yourself in History and Culture

Explore the walls and trace the past of Songyang Academy, and you’ll be amazed by its rich history and culture. As an institute for Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, the academy undertook the teaching and study of the philosophy of different Chinese cultures throughout history. Portraits and inscriptions created by the teachers and scholars on the buildings provide a glimpse of the splendid history, which shows the important position of this academy.

3. Revel in Natural Splendor

Don’t miss the wonderful natural scenery in Songyang Academy. Located on the sunny side of Mount Songshan, the academy faces the limpid Shuangxi River, with the serene Xiaoyao Valley to the east and Mount Shaoshi to the west. The incredible attractions give visitors much to look forward to. There, you can breathe the fresh air, relax your body, and refresh your mind and spirit.

Songyang Academy in Dengfeng
A pavilion in Songyang Academy

Best Time to Visit Songyang Academy

Songyang Academy is open for tours all around the year. However, you are advised to visit the academy during the Spring or Autumn to avoid the heat of summer and the chill of winter.


How to Get to Songyang Academy

1. From Zhengzhou:

By taxi: A time-saving way to Songyang Academy from Zhengzhou City is to take a taxi directly without a shift. In this way, you can call a taxi anytime and anywhere without rushing.

By bus: Take a bus to Dengfeng City from Zhengzhou General Bus Station or the Zhengzhou North Bus Station. Then, take Bus 2 or Bus 6 to Songyang Academy station.

2. From Luoyang:

By Bus: Take a bus to Dengfeng City from Luoyang Bus Station or Luoyang Longmen Bus Station. Then shift to Bus 2 or Bus 6 to Songyang Academy station.

3. From Shaolin Temple:

By foot: You can walk to Songyang Academy if you have plenty of time after visiting Shaolin Temple. It takes about 1 hour, during which you can enjoy the beautiful scenery all the way.

By taxi: Take a taxi to Songyang Academy to save your time. From the parking lot or the entrance of the Shaolin Temple, it’s easy for you to hire a taxi to Songyang Academy in Songyang Scenic Area, or you can use some online car-hailing apps to order a taxi for your trip.


Attractions Nearby Songyang Academy

  • Shaolin Temple: It is the source of Chinese Buddhist culture and Shaolin Kung Fu, making it a must-go attraction for those interested in Buddhist culture and martial arts as well as Chinese history and culture. It’s 11 kilometers from Songyang Academy, and you can take a taxi there on your Zhengzhou tours.
  • Sanhuang Village: This is a great place for a scenic stroll. It is a naturally formed village hanging from the mountainside of Mount Shaoshi, encompassing exotic natural scenery and a unique cultural landscape. It’s 14 kilometers from Songyang Academy.
  • Songshan Scenic Area: As an attraction among the first group of key National Scenic Spots, Songshan Scenic Area treats you with the beauty of mountains, the magnificent scene of waterfall, and the temples and architecture of great importance to Chinese culture. Songyang Academy is a significant part of the Songshan Scenic Area, and you can make a trip to other scenic spots after visiting this academy on your Luoyang tours.
  • Shaolin Zen Music Ritual: After visiting Songyang Academy and Shaolin Temple, you can watch the Shaolin Zen Music Ritual to experience Shaolin culture deeply. It’s a grand ceremony and live show performed by the monks in the Shaolin Temple, providing a feast of view as it combines Shaolin Kung Fu and Zen Buddhism with music and dance.


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