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Guilin Weather and Best Time to Visit

Overall, the weather in Guilin is mild throughout the year with abundant rainfall and ample sunshine. Guilin, situated in a low latitude area, has a subtropical monsoon climate, featuring long summers and short winters, distinct four seasons, as well as the rain and heat over the same period.

Guilin Temperature and Rainfall

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With superior climate conditions, the average annual temperature is close to 19.5ºC (67ºF). Guilin weather in January is coldest with the monthly mean temperature of 8ºC (46.4ºF). The hottest months are July and August when the maximum Guilin temperature can reach 33ºC (91.4ºF). The average precipitation is as high as 1,885 mm for the year, with continuous rainfall for up to 30 days, most of which are concentrated in the early summer – May & June.

The best time to visit Guilin starts in April and ends in October when you will meet the most comfortable Guilin weather with warm sunshine and gentle breeze, and the most beautiful natural scenery of rice terraces.

Guilin Seasons – Temperature & Clothing Guide


Spring (March to Mid-May)

Guilin weather gets warmer gradually in spring as the average temperature rises to 18ºC (64.4ºF). While some cities in northern China are covered with snow at this time, Guilin has already taken on the green of nature. As the start of the rainy season, May brings occasional drizzle.

What to wear in Guilin in Spring?

In a pleasant spring, T-shirts, hoodies, and casual jackets are suitable clothes to wear in Guilin. A raincoat is very handy when you are doing outdoor activities.

Recommended activities in Guilin in Spring

It’s a good time to get into the countryside of Guilin to enjoy the idyllic scenery. Rafting on the scenic Yulong River with golden rapeseed flower fields on the bank, riding a bicycle at the Ten-Mile Gallery, a fairyland on earth…

Summer (Mid-May to August)

Summer is relatively muggy, with high humidity and high temperature. Guilin enters peak rainfall period in May and June, with precipitation of up to 700mm, which accounts for 36% of the total annual amount. Guilin weather is the hottest in July and August, with the daily average temperature fluctuating between 24 ºC (75.2ºF) and 33ºC (91.4ºF).

What to wear in Guilin in Summer?

Short sleeves, shorts, skirts, and sandals are recommended clothing to wear in Guilin summer. You’re suggested to bring rain gear, which is essential when you travel to Guilin in the rainy season. If you plan to visit the rural areas, remember to pack some mosquito repellent.

Recommended activities in Guilin in Summer

Li River gets its most charming scenery in the summer season. The drizzles make the river a “Fairyland on Earth” filled with thin fog. Enjoy a leisure bamboo rafting on the Li River; take an unforgettable hike along the Li River from Yangdi Village to Xingping Town; visit the mysterious Reed Flute Cave to relieve the summer heat…

Autumn (September to November)

Autumn is the ideal time to visit Guilin, specifically from September to early November. During the period, the weather is clear, sunny, and cool, with an average temperature of 22 ºC (71.6ºF).

What to wear in Guilin in Autumn?

A long-sleeved bottoming shirt plus one windproof jacket or a casual coat would be comfortable clothes to wear when you plan to immerse yourself in scenic beauty outside Guilin urban district.

Recommended activities in Guilin in Autumn

Longji Rice Terraces takes on a golden appearance in autumn, shining under the sunset glow, like a lovely landscape painting. This is simply a paradise for photographers. Also feast your eyes with an intricate maze of Karst cave at the Li River Scenic Area, Crown Cave.

Winter (December to February)

The winter months from December to February are cold and moist, with almost never snow in the downtown area. January is the coldest month in Guilin, with a minimum temperature of 5ºC (41ºF). When the sun shines, the average daytime temperature would be above 12ºC (53.6ºF).

What to wear in Guilin in Winter?


You don’t have to wear super thick clothes as you do in northern China. Woolen sweaters and light down jackets are enough to resist the coldness of Guilin winter. If you have plans to climb, remember to prepare hiking shoes.

Recommended activities in Guilin in Winter


Have a cultural experience – go to the countryside to explore the traditional life of ethnic minorities, listen to melodious folk music and watch colorful dances; stroll along Yangshuo West Street to get an in-depth understanding of local custom by visiting ethnic souvenir shops, tasting special snacks, and appreciating the architecture that combines Chinese and exotic features…

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