Wanfenglin (Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks)

Wanfenglin (Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks)

Fast Facts of Wanfenglin Scenic Area

Name: Wanfenglin (万峰林; means Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks literally)

Address: Qianxinan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, in south of Xingyi City, Guizhou

Opening Hours: 08:30am – 17:30pm

What to do: see nearly 20 thousand green peaks, experience Bouyei & Miao ethnic culture, photography, hiking

Time needed: about 3-4 hours

Wanfenglin, or called Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks literally, is located in the southeast of Xingyi City, Guizhou Province. It is very magnificent with nearly 20 thousand peculiar peaks in the whole scenic area, as one of the three grandest karst parks in southwestern China, and one of the five most beautiful peak forests all over China. Being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage, it has been known as a museum of cone karst peaks. Apart from the incredible forest of peaks, Wanfenglin houses many unique plants, springs, Tiankeng – the natural sinkholes, and original Bouyei ethnic villages in the surroundings.

What to see and to do in Wanfenglin Scenic Area


Wanfenglin is composed of Xifenglin and Dongfenglin. Currently, only the Xifenglin is open to the public for tour.


Eight Trigrams Field

The distinctive Eight Trigrams Field is a landmark spot in Wanfenglin. The field is actually in a dish-shaped funnel terrain, with an underground river below. With the dissolution of surface water, the underground river caused a partial collapse of the ground. Then the local villagers plant grains and farm depending on the collapsed terrain in circles, making the field look like a colorful weaved eight trigrams image on the ground, so the field has been called as Eight Trigrams Field.

General Peak

General Peak is in front of the densest peak array in Wanfenglin. You will see the solitary karst peak in the “forest” soon after stepping into the scenic area. Resembling a human, it just like a general standing alone in front of the army. On the left and right sides of the “general”, there is a strange peak on each to guard and clear the way for him.

A Myriad of Stars Surround the Moon

There is a solitary peak embraced by mountains. Looking afar or overlooking, it is like a majestic bonsai, with exquisiteness and beauty. It has a special name called “A Myriad of Stars Surround the Moon”, and the surrounded peaks are said to represent directions of eight planets in the solar system. Does it sound interesting?

The Sea of Rape Flowers 

Imagine a picture of an endless rape flower field in the sunny spring, surrounded by the green mountains and peaks. That’s just what you could see in Wanfenglin. When the rape flowers are in full bloom in spring, you’ll admire the sea of bright yellow rape fields, together with idyllic villages and karst peaks. You may feel like falling into a fairy tale in the endless field in spring.

Cycling Around the Forest of Peaks

In addition to taking the sightseeing vehicle to visit the vast area, free cycling is also a popular activity to stroll around the place, to see the pretty charming peaks, villages and rice fields. In the scenic area, you can find many bicycles to rent here and there, taking about RMB 10-30 for a day; and there are different bicycle types for one or more riders. You can go along the road along with the Bouyei villages in the fields.

Enjoy Bouyei Culture and Local Food

Bouyei nationality is a large ethnic group in China, especially in the southwest. As some Bouyei villages scatter in Wanfenglin, you may learn the ethnic culture and try their food while sightseeing. The Eight Bowls of Bouyei are the best eight dishes for Bouyei people to treat guests, which are stewed pig’s trotters with milled beans, braised pork with tofu, stewed pig skin, crispy pork with vermicelli, stewed ribs with radishes, vegetarian pumpkin, braised tofu, and colored glutinous rice. Visiting Wanfenglin, you can taste these dishes in Bouyei style, which may be exotic and tempting.

Nuo Opera is the religious sacrificial ceremony of Bouyei people at local. At first glance, you may feel it is horrifying. The villagers wear masks and pretend to be ghosts and gods, in order to worship the gods with sacrifices and pray for blessings. Meanwhile, it is to expel the plagues and something evil. Except the Nuo Opera performance, you can also watch the traditional talking and singing with the singers sitting down and eight folk instruments.

Best Time to Visit Wanfenglin

Wanfenglin is suitable to travel in four seasons, and February to May is perhaps one of the most beautiful when the golden rape flowers are in full blossom, creating amazing scenery. June to August is also attractive when the rice gradually mature, some fields are lush green, and some are light yellow.

How to Get To Wanfenglin

From Xingyi downtown, the city bus No.19 and Tourist Bus Line 1 are available to take you to Wanfenglin. The price for the city bus No.19 is RMB 2; while the full price of the latter bus is RMB 10 between Malinghe Canyon and Wanfenglin.

You can also take a taxi to Wanfenglin, which is inexpensive and convenient, too.


Tips for visiting Wanfenglin

In the west part of Wanfenglin, there are two routes for tourists, a ring road around the peaks and a road through fields and villages. Only the sightseeing vehicles are allowed driven on the one-way ring road, as every vehicle is equipped with a tour guide in the about 2-hour journey. Bicycles or other vehicles from outsides are allowed onto the two-way road through villages and fields.

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