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Best Urumqi Tours: Urumqi Xinjiang Tour Packages 2024/2025

Most travelers take Urumqi as the first stop of their Xinjiang Silk Road tours to enter Xinjiang and the last stop to leave considering its advanced transportation of air, train, and highway. Urumqi is the Capital city of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China, with a graceful meaning “beautiful pasture” in Mongol. Although Urumqi itself doesn’t have too many travel resources around apart from the Tianshan Mountain-Heavenly Lake, the Xinjiang Museum, and the International Bazaar, Urumqi tours are considered as a warming-up of the thrilling Xinjiang adventure tours along the ancient Silk Road.

How to Plan Your Xinjiang Urumqi Tour?

-Urumqi Travel Schedule

1-2 days Urumqi tours are proper for you to catch the essence of this city; if you have 3-6 days in Urumqi, you can consider extending your Xinjiang travel by Urumqi Turpan toursUrumqi Kashgar toursUrumqi Dunhuang tours; It’s nice if you have 1-2 weeks because you will have more options: you can take an in-depth photography tour in Northern Xinjiang, and historic expedition tour in Southern Xinjiang or even a full exploration to the whole Xinjiang; looking east, you can link your Urumqi tour with travel to DunhuangJiayuguanZhangyeLanzhouXining, and Xian to enjoy a complete China Silk Road tour; looking west, you can extend your Urumqi tours to the five-stan countries to open an incredible journey to central Asia.

– Urumqi Transportation

Urumqi enjoys a powerful transportation wave of flights, trains, and highways to meet different travelers’ condition. Usually, to the nearby city like Turpan, high-speed trains and cars are suggested; to Kashgar, both flights and overnight trains are accessible; to the cities in other provinces like BeijingXianShanghaiChengduLanzhou…flight would be the first option.

Our top-recommended Urumqi tours and excursions are as below:

Erdaoqiao International Bazaar

Classic Urumqi Tours

Our Urumqi Classic Tours include one-day Urumqi city tours, day tours to the heavenly lake, one-day Urumqi highlights tour, and 3-4 days tours to Heavenly Lake and Southern Pasture. Meaning “beautiful pasture” in Mongolian, Urumqi is the capital city of Xinjiang which will introduce you to the Uighur’s bazaar culture and breathtaking natural beauty in Xinjiang.

Urumqi Kashgar Tours

Our Urumqi Kashgar Tours will offer you the best cultural and natural treasures in two of the most impressive tourist cities in Xinjing – Urumqi, and Kashgar. Ranging around 5-6 days, these tours to Urumqi and Kashgar cover many iconic Xinjiang attractions, including Kashgar Old Town, Urumqi International Bazaar, Heavenly Lake, Karakuri Lake, Id Kah Mosque, Tashkurgan Stone City, etc.

Urumqi Turpan Tours

Looking for short excursions around Urumqi? The following tours with Urumqi and Turpan will offer you some great options. Our local expert guides will escort you to visit the famous Karez Well, historical Jiaohe Ruins, iconic Sugong Pagoda, mysterious Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves, lively Xinjiang International Bazaar, picturesque Heavenly Lake…

Urumqi Dunhuang Tours

Want to take a short trip from Urumqi to Dunhuang? A 4.5-hour high-speed train ride will make your idea come true. Our Urumqi Dunhuang tours range from 2 to 4 days, including in-depth explorations of the sacred Heavenly Lake, stunning Mogao Grottoes murals, camel experiences at Echo Sand Mountain & Crescent Spring, and a gourmet tour at the Shazhou Night Market.

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