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Huandao Road or Island Ring Road: “China’s Most Beautiful Marathon Track”

Huandao Road, also known as Island Ring Road, is a coastal road that circles Gulangyu Island in Xiamen, China. It is famous for its spectacular coastline and roadside scenery. In fact, it is referred to by many as “China’s most beautiful marathon track.”

It is a popular track for tourists and locals alike, who come here for its peace and beauty. Take a leisurely walk, jog, or pay a visit to the cultural attractions. Huandao Road is a must-see for your Xiamen tour.


Huandao Road on Gulangyu Island – Facts

  • Location: circling Gulangyu Island of Xiamen, China
  • Hours: all day
  • Tickets: Free of charge
  • Recommended visit time: About 1 or 2 hours
  • Recommended time of the year: in Spring (from March to May) and Fall (from September to November); avoid the summer, as Xiamen might have typhoons in August
  • Features: if you love nature and a peaceful environment
Xiamen Huandao Road
Xiamen Huandao Road

Huandao Road on Gulangyu Island – What to See and Do

There are plenty of things to do on Xiamen Island Ring Road. Here are some recommendations:

1. Admiring the Scenic View

Huandao Road has arguably one of the best coastlines in China. Relax and enjoy the island view.

2. Exploring the Cultural Attractions

The track is also home to many unique cultural attractions, such as the Piano Museum, the Organ Museum, and the Gulangyu Museum of International Settlement History. Learn about the rich history and culture of the area.

3. Walking and Biking

Island Ring Road, Xiamen is great for taking a leisurely walk, jogging or a bike ride. The track extends for about 19 miles (31km). Get your steps in while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Xiamen Huangdao Road Cycling
Take a leisurely bike ride on Huandao Road

Huandao Road on Gulangyu Island – Best Time to Visit

Gulangyu Island is an ideal sightseeing destination all year round. However, the best seasons to visit are spring and autumn when the weather is nice, and the flowers are in full bloom. If you prefer a quieter and less crowded trip, the off-season for tourism is winter.


Huandao Road on Gulangyu Island – Attractions Nearby

There are many other attractions near Huandao Road for you to visit when you travel to Xiamen. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Sunlight Rock: Sunlight Rock is the highest point of Gulangyu Island. You will have a panoramic view of the island. This is also where the Sunlight Rock Temple is located, which has a history dating back to the Ming Dynasty.
  • Shuzhuang Garden: The magnificent Shuzhuang Garden was once privately owned. It is located on the island and is renowned for its unique architecture which is designed to first block your view of the sea. But once you walk to the other side, the breathtaking view of the ocean appears in front of you.
  • Gulangyu Island Beach: The Gulangyu Island Beach is just near Huandao Road. It is a popular destination for swimming and sunbathing.


Huandao Road on Gulangyu Island – How to Get There 

Take a ferry from Xiamen city center to Gulangyu Island. Booking ahead online is recommended for public holidays and weekends. There are a few ports in Xiamen City and on the island. The easiest route is taking the ferry from Xiamen International Cruise Terminal to Sanqiutian Port because both ports have ferries running from 7:10 am to 5:30 pm. The journey will be about 20 minutes.

Once you’re on Gulangyu Island, you can choose to walk, take a taxi, or a bus, or rent a bike to Huandao Road. If you are taking a bus, look about for NO. 18, 29, and B8.


Recommended Xiamen Tours to Huandao Road on Gulangyu Island

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