2017 Chinese New Year Lantern Exhibition and Temple Fair in Xian

It is still 6 days to the end of Chinese Spring Festival. Walking in street and even corners of Xian City one will easily find the Chinese new year atmosphere. But it is not enough for tourist, and even for local people, to feel the richest festival taste. To make one’s Xian tour more interesting, we collected some most recommended places and activities in city area. Which one bellow do you expect?

Xian City Wall Lantern Exhibition

Duration: Jan 21-March 5

Entrance fee: CNY 65 per person of Jan 21-27 & Feb 13-March 5, CNY 100 per person of Jan 28-Feb 12

Key words: Five themed exhibition district, 3D lantern, temple fair

Xian City Wall  lantern exhibition has been held 30 times in past. And it is the most classic lantern exhibition in Xian. By appreciating the multiplex culture along Silk Road the lantern exhibition adopts, visitors will witness not only the magnificent lanterns made in different styles but also feel the perfect combination of traditional culture and modern technology. Taking Metro Line 2 and get off at Yongningmen Station, or get off bus at Nanmen Stop one could enter the City Wall from South Gate to see the lantern exhibition. Besides, from Wenchang Gate and Heping Gate visitors could also enter City Wall to see the exhibition. No need to prolong your Xian stay you will see the lantern exhibition on City Wall if you do a Xian tour before March 5th: Best Xian Day Tour2 Days Xian Highlights Tour, etc.

The Tang Paradise Lantern Exhibition

Duration: Jan 21-Feb 28

Entrance fee: CNY 75 per person

Key words: Thousands of lanterns, folk culture show, light show and aquashow

The Tang Paradise next to Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square is a large scale Chinese style garden built in Tang Dynasty architectural style. And the lantern exhibition here often surprise visitors with its originality. According to the garden landscape and the water area the lantern exhibition presents different themes. Some well known themes of 2017 are The Drunk Beauty, Terracotta Soldiers, Forest Concert, etc. The most expectable one is  the Dragon and Phoenix of Fortune with length of 70m and height of 18. Taking bus and take off at Datangfurongyuan Xianmen Stop visitors will enter the scenic area and see the lantern exhibition.

Hancheng Lake Temple Fair

Duration: Jan 28-Feb 11

Entrance fee: Free

Key words: Lantern Corridor, Folk culture show, local snacks  From Jan 1st to Jan 15th of Lunar calendar on Fengshan Tianxia Square and Tianhan Xiongfeng Statue Square of Hancheng Lake there are scheduled show each day from 10:00 to 20:00. Lantern Corridor, New Year Greetings Opera, Dragon and Lion Dance, Folk Culture Show, and No-material Cultural Heritage Show endow the lake with thick festival taste. The no-material Culture exhibit covers Qin Opera and many other local opera in different area of Shaanxi Province, Sugar Figure, Shadow Play, Paper Cutting, Clay Sculpture, Shehuo (a kind of parade in costume), Stilt-walking, Fast Mask Changing. For food lovers, the hundreds of local snacks of different parts of China will satisfy their stomach. If you think Hancheng Lake is not easy to reach, a Xian city food tour will also be good choice.