Top 5 Best Restaurants in Xian

The fame of Xian food is as great as Xian tourist attractions, not to be missed. Xian gourmets has occupied an important place in Chinese food, which attracts a large number of people from all the country every year. There are some good restaurants for reference to people who are planning a Xian tour according to the feedback of our previous customers and vast survey of market. If one does a Best Xian Day Tour which lunch is left to our clients’ own interest, telling our guide your requirement the guide will lead you to any one restaurant bellow or other popular restaurant according to your interest. Though the lunch is covered in other Xian tours we offer, we could also arrange your lunch in following restaurants if you like. Or if the restaurants bellow still can not meet your requirement on food, our Xian food tour may be the thing you are looking for.

No. 1 Xian Restaurant

Chinese Name in Pinyin: Xian Fan Zhuang

Cuisine Features: typical Xian cuisine

Opening Time: 11:00-21:00

Bearing 87-year’s history, Xian Restaurant has been opened from 1929. It is always thought as the first name card of Shaanxi gourmets due to its endless pursuing for innovation and inheritance for the historical cuisine culture. Based on the traditional Shaanxi cuisine, Xian Restaurant has been absorbing all available elements from cuisines of other cuisines to improve itself. If you want to taste the authority Shaanxi food, you will never miss it!

Add: No. 110, West Avenue, Beilin District, Xian (inside of Bell Tower Hotel, southwest corner of Bell Tower)

Tel: 029-87600115

No. 2 China Folk’s Restaurant 

Chinese Name in Pinyin: Bai Xing Chu Fang Jiu Fang Dian

Cuisine Features: typical Xian cuisine

Opening Time: 10:00-22:00

China Folk’s Restaurant is a famous Xian local brand which endlessly injects cultural elements into Shaanxi traditional gourmets, and gradually developed many branch restaurants with distinct features, such as Shaanxi local opera, pottery, clay sculpture and wine. Winery Branch of China Folk’s Restaurant locates at the central downtown, nearby the famous Great Tang All Day Mall, offers local folk daintiness to customers.

Add: 1 F, Xian Art Gallery of Great Tang All Day Mall District, South Yanta Road, Yanta District, Xian

Tel: 02989129778

Add: No. 110, West Avenue, Beilin District, Xian (inside of Bell Tower Hotel, southwest corner of Bell Tower)

Tel: 029-87600115

No. 3 AWaShanZhai

Chinese Name in Pinyin: A Wa Shan Zhai

Cuisine Features: awesome fish feast

Opening Time: 11:00-21:00

The founder of AWaShanZhai had done lot of survey, exploration and learning about food culture of minority nations in the southwest region of China, opened restaurants majored in many sorts of fish feast. If you like to eat fish, AWaShanZhai will be a good choice with the good taste and service.

Add: No. 6, south ring road around Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Yanta District, Xian(Nearby the Great Tang All Day Mall, close to Zhenguan Square)

Tel: 029-87891933


No. 4 First Noodle under the Sun 

Chinese Name in Pinyin: Tian Xia Di Yi Mian(Ji Xiang Cun Dian)

Cuisine Features: Chinese northwest dishes, Shaanxi dishes

Opening Time: 11:00-21:00

Old brand of Chinese northwest dishes in Xian with good taste, good environment and location. If you are planning a tour to explore deeply Xian city, then except those famous tour attractions, True Love Restaurant is a good place for you to taste Chinese northwest dishes. Many toursits who are Chinese in origin like this restaurant very much. Click here to see tours we have for these tourists.

Add: inside of West Park around the City, north of outside of West Gate, Lianhu District, Xian

Tel: 029-87951234

No. 5 the Seasonal Taste Restaurant

Chinese Name in Pinyin: Zhi Wei Ka Fei Ting (in Westin Xian)

Cuisine Features: buffet food

Opening Time: 6:00-22:00

A luxury restaurant in the 5-stars hotel the Westin Xian offer the various fine delicacy for customers. The highlights of this restaurant is its amazing environment and considerate service, which treats all of you, no matter kids or old people, with good foods, good atmosphere and good mood.

Add: inside of The Westin Xian Hotel, No.66 Cien Road, Qujing New District, Xian

Tel: 029- 6568 6568