Xian Shopping Tips

As one of the most important cities in northwestern China, Xian’s economy developed rapidly in recent years. With the ever-accelerated development of commerce, shopping is quite convenient. Xi’an where a major shopping district is characterized by a high concentration, so for tourists, shopping can be much more convenient. Whether to buy life necessities or travel products or local specialty, you can easily purchase them in the city center. Here are some helpful tips for shopping in Xian.

Shuyuanmen-01There are some main shopping streets in Xian:

1. Shuyuanmen Cultural Street, mainly for the scholar’s four jewels (writing brush, ink stick, slab and paper), calligraphy and painting artworks, and other tourist souvenirs. 2. Muslim Quarter – mainly for all kinds of local specialty, handicraft, and tourist souvenirs.  3. Jiefang Road – Dong Da Jie (East Avenue) – Bell Tower – Nan Dajie (South Avenue) – Xi Da Jie (West Avenue), this line is a shopping area with strong business atmosphere. Many shopping malls stand along, teemed with a great number of up-scale shops and supermarkets.

Xiaozhai-014. There is a professional digital products market near the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. A lot of digital shopping buildings gathered there, such as Sai Ge, Bai Nao Hui, Yi Gao Sai Bo etc.

5. Being the paradise for wandering around and shopping, Xiao Zhai is the best choice for young people. Except large shopping malls, there are numerous fashion shops. 6. Kangfu Road and Qinggong Market are the places for clothes and petty commodities wholesale. If you really have a keen eye and have the time to bargain with the shopkeepers, you can buy many good things. But since it is a little bit disordered there, so we would not suggest tourists do shopping here.