Can You Buy a Terracotta Warrior

No one visitor would skip Terracotta Warriors during their first Xian Tour. As the representative attraction of Xian, Terracotta Warriors becomes the inspiration of many tourist souvenirs. And they are the most popular tourist gift.

Many tourists ask us: Can I buy a Terracotta Warrior? No any person or country can buy a authentic Terracotta Warrior, but they can buy as many Terracotta Warriors figure copies as they want. The Terracotta Warrior figures can be found in many tourist souvenir shops in Xian. The copies vary from 5cm to the same size as real Terracotta Warriors. And the price vary from CNY5 to thousands of yuan per figure.

If you just want a mini figure, you can get from any souvenir shop. But if you want to buy a big figure that not convenient to take in your carry-on luggage, we advise you buy from big tourist souvenir markets. Because they are nation-run which offer better quality product, and they can arrange international delivery for what you bought. Moreover, if the figure damaged when you receive, they can offer satisfying after-sale service. You only need to pay and leave your address, then you can wait the figure delivered to your home.