Xi’an Weather in April

Xian Weather & Temperature in April


Xi’an weather in April is damp and warm in general, with a pleasant average temperature range of 9 – 21 ºC (48.2 – 69.8 ºF). Sometimes, Xi’an temperature in April during the daytime could soar to 25 ºC (77 ºF), which is excellent for tourists to enjoy outdoor entertainment. Xi’an climate in April becomes moister than that in the previous three months, with the rising precipitation of 42 mm (1.7 inches). The average day length of Xi’an City in April is around 14 hours, offering more sunshine of 6 hours each day.


April is actually a perfect time to have a trip to Xi’an thanks to the predominant natural conditions including comfortable temperature as well as various kinds of blooming flowers. Tomb-Sweeping Day, a Chinese traditional festival falls on April 5th. On this day, local primary schools will organize students to go on spring outings, which makes some parks crowded.


What to Wear in Xi’an in April

With the weather in Xi’an in April warming up, those thicker clothes like down-filled coats are no longer suitable for April. A thick sweater plus a T-shirt is recommended in early April. If you plan to visit Xi’an in mid-April, then long-sleeved bottoming shirts and thin jackets would be OK. Xi’an weather at the end of April may be hot at noon, and you are suggested to prepare some short sleeves or long skirts. However, Xi’an weather in April is changeable on the whole, so prepare both spring jackets and summer clothes for the transitional weather in April in Xi’an.


Where to Go & Tips for Traveling Xi’an in April

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Having an outing in spring is definitely the best outdoor pursuit in Xi’an in April. The No.1 thing to do in Xi’an is to appreciate the cherry blossoms in Qinglong Temple, aka Green Dragon Temple which is a well-known Buddhist temple with historic buildings and a Cultural Relics Museum. Here tourists can see thousands of cherry trees of about 11 varieties introduced from Japan, and you can try to take beautiful photos under the cherry trees in Tang costume. If you are lucky enough, you have the opportunity to participate in the grand Cherry Blossom Festival held in Qinglong Temple every April.Qinglong Temple in Xi'an


In addition to cherry blossoms, tulip flowers in full bloom are wonderful scenery to enjoy when you travel to Xi’an in April. Xi’an Botanical Garden is a great place where you’ll see a wide variety of flowers including tulips, hyacinth, and magnolia flowers swaying gently with the breeze as if to greet tourists. Besides, Xingqing Palace Park is another attractive destination for admiring gorgeous tulips. It just looks like a sea of flowers, in which tulips and peonies compete with each other for beauty.


Go for a hike in Taiping National Forest Park. Admire the highest rainbow waterfall with a drop of more than 160 meters. In April every year, the whole scenic area is covered with natural bauhinia flowers in full bloom, which are quite bright and gorgeous.