Choose a Good Time to Visit Xian

Choosing the right time to visit a city can make the more pleasant. To choose the right time, the following facts shoe be taken into consideration: season, weather, temperature, and public holiday.

Most tourists take the chance of their public holiday, annual leave, or their kid’s school vacation. Of course some retired seniors can travel anytime they like. Different country have different holiday system. In the article Xian Weather one could find some basic fact of Xian climate. Here China Xian Tour will offer more information to help you plan the possible best time for your Xian tour.

About Climate

Xian is a inland city and it has distinctive four seasons: windy spring, hot summer, cool autumn, cold & dry winter.

March – May is spring. The temperature will rise to 10-25. And the trees in city re-put on their jade-green coat. The whole city recovers from winter sleep. Sand storm hardly occur in Xian in recent years. While in March it can be “sudden warm and sudden cold”. People in less good health condition are not recommended visit Xian in March.  April is one of the excellent time to visit Xian. It rains relatively more and Xian will be clearer and less dry. In may the average temperature will be around 20 which is ideal for both outdoor and indoor activities. While if you travel to Xian in mid or late May, please remember to bring a mouth-muffle. Most streets in downtown Xian are planted with poplar trees and in these days poplar beginning to feather out. Though the municipal control poplar catkin pollution but the wide spread pollution is still complained by both natives and tourists.

If possible, please avoid the Tomb Sweeping Day Holiday and Labor Day Holiday when planning your Xian tour.

June – August is summer. June is the prologue of Xian’s summer. The temperature become higher but it is still pleasant – the daily highest temperature keeps at 25-30. June is one of the best time to visit Xian. Mid June is the summer harvest time in Guanzhong plain. If you do a country tour now you will witness some special things. July is the hottest summer days. In mid & late July the highest temperature often exceeds 40. Out door activities are not recommended during 10:00-16:00. So if you visit Xian in mid & late July, please communicate with your travel consultant to arrange indoor activities during 10:00-16:00. When August comes it will gradually get cool. It is good time for Xian tour again.

July and August is the summer vacation for Chinese schools. Some indoor attractions like Terracotta Warriors and Horses, and Shaanxi History Museum is full of visitors all the day. It is just a little less crowded than Chinese National Day Holiday.

September – November is autumn. Weather in September and Oct is very pleasant for both outdoor and indoor activities. With November coming, temperature will be lowered to about 10. But it is still ok to visit Xian.

Visiting Xian during Chinese National Day Holiday (usually Oct 1-7)one will experience some best and worst things. The good thing is that the whole city is more beautiful since it will be especially decorated for the holiday. And the Chinese national flag flutter everywhere is the unique scenery of the holiday. The bad thing is that the indoor attractions will welcome their most crowded days. Besides, the transportation will also be worse. If you are under 1.7m, you will basically see nothing but heads of visitors in Terracotta Warriors Pits.

December – February is winter. December – February most attractions in Xian will use the low-season ticket price. That will help tourists save some tour cost. Check here to check details Xian attractions entrance tickets price In recent years it snows less in winter days.

While in winter days Xian often suffers from haze. People in less good health should avoid Xian tour in winter. The good news is that Chinese people spend Spring Festival in Mid January or early February. If you visit Xian during that time you will feel the thickest festival atmosphere.

About Chinese Public Holiday

In each public holiday or school vacation, Xian will receive more visitors than normal days. Avoiding these vacations your Xian sty will be possibly more satisfying. The date of each public holiday is usually not fixed in every year. But they are 1-2 days earlier or later than the date we listed below. Click here to see the exact Chinese holiday times in 2017&2018.