Nine Must-do Things if You Travel to Xian

There are always inextricable emotions when people mention the name of Xian. Touching the ancient city Wall, through the door of time and space, you may seem to catch a sight of blooming and prosperous period in Tang Dynasty.


Retrospect history at Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum

As “one of the eight wonders of the world”, Terracotta Warriors & Horses has become a calling card of Xian, and it attracts thousands of tourists from home and abroad every day. More than 6 thousand terracotta soldier figures are unearthed here, with totally not identical but vivid look, which is a bright pearl in the history of Chinese ancient sculpture art. Terracotta Warriors is also known as “one of the greatest discoveries of archaeological history in the 20th century”.

The Terracotta Warriors strictly imitate the life-sized things, with the nature and characteristic of portrait painting, and are superior in scale and momentum. This is one of the reasons why the Terracotta Warriors are so impressive and breathtaking.

Terracotta Army
Terracotta Army


Taste authentic Shaanxi flavor in Muslim Street

There are many restaurants and stalls here, from century-old shops to the nameless stalls. It is the best place to enjoy featured snacks, staple food and drinks.

Chinese hamburger(Roujiamo)

Beef(Lamb) Stew of Bread

Cold steamed (rice) noodles

Go Riding on the City Wall

Xian City Wall is the most complete preserved and the largest existed city wall in China. Riding a bike around the wall is the fastest way to visit four corners of it.

Evening view is the best, go for a riding to enjoy the oblique sunset hanging over the old city. How amazing!

Time travel through the Shaanxi History Museum

Shaanxi History Museum is China’s first large-scale modernized national museum, the whole museum complex is designed in Tang Dynasty style as “the central sits the hall, four annexes building embrace near by “.

Watch an old Qinqiang Opera show

In Shaanxi province, the most representative folk art is Qin Opera. Compared to other kind of drama, the Qin Opera tone is more sonorous and heroic. It replaces singing with a way of “roar” to express , as if blends the bold and generous nature of Shaanxi people into the songs.

Experience the night in Big Wild Goose Pagoda

The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, a famous landmark in Xian, was built to house Buddhist scriptures that brought from India by master Xuanzang. During the night, the whole body of tower is lighted brightly. In the north square there’s also a music fountain performance, which is the largest fountain square in Asia.

The style of the fountain varies time to time during the performance. Especially at night, the fountain is more colorful and splendid under the background light,

Enjoy the lantern show in the Tang Paradise

The Tang Paradise owns the nation’s largest tang-style buildings. During the Spring Festival, come here to see magnificently imitated Tang building, appreciate amorous singing and dancing show “Dream Back to Great Tang Dynasty”.

Tang Paradise
Tang Paradise


Encounter Tang emperors in the Huaqing Pool

Huaqing Palace was once the recreational garden for many dynasties, like Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui, Tang and ect. There are several landmark buildings including Tang Imperial Hot Spring Relic Museum, Sites of the Xian Incident. The place was once for beauty bath, but also witnessed the ten-year moving love story between Emperor Xuanzong and his beloved concubine Yang Yuhuan.

Review the past and present on Li Mountain

Mt Li is nearby the famous Terracotta Warriors Museum. It is now combined with the scenic spot Huaqing Pool. Emperor Qin chose to be buried under the MT Li, which indicates the sanctity and geomantic superiority of this elegant mountain.

The air of Xian is full of allusions and legends far away in the long history.
Recall the camel bells at the beginning of the silk road, courtiers from all over the world in the old time, master Xuanzang translating the scriptures under a solitary lamp, the concubines of emperors dressed in ornate costume dancing in Hot Spring Palace. Inadvertently, it occurs a strange staggered feeling between visitors and the thick ancient history.