Xi’an Weather in August

Whats the Weather in Xian in August

August is the last month of summer, but Xi’an weather in August still remains burning hot and humid, showing no sign of cooling. The average temperature in August in Xi’an ranges from 21 °C (69.8 °F) to 35 °C (95 °F). Sometimes the temperature could soar to 40 °C (104 °F), making Xi’an like a stove. August is the summer holiday for Chinese students, despite the hot weather, many parents with their children will still travel to Xi’an in August for tourism.


What to Wear in Xian in August

Thin and cool ones are the most appropriate clothes to wear in Xi’an in August. Sun-proof clothing, sunhats and sunglasses will be good for going out during the day. On the evening of late August, a long-sleeved shirt is advised to keep out the coolness.


Popular Things to Do in Xian in August

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In fact, you’re suggested to avoid traveling to Xi’an in August because of the crowded scenic spots and the sultry weather. If you do plan a Xi’an trip at this time, the following destinations are recommended.

Hanyangling Museum - Mausoleum of Emperor Jingdi
Hanyangling Museum Mausoleum of Emperor Jingdi


Visit the Qinling Wildlife Park with your kids. Located in the middle part of the Qinling Mountains, the wildlife park houses more than 300 species of animal, including flamingos, golden monkeys, kangaroos, seals, and parrots. Besides, you can see the groups of Asian elephants, and have a jeep safari to take close-up photos of tigers and leopards.


Explore Yangling Mausoleum of Han Dynasty. Explore the underground museum here, where you can admire a large number of terracotta figures, chariots, and horses preserved under the glass corridor you walk.


Tips to Know for Traveling Xian in August

  1. Travel costs in August will be higher than those in ordinary times, and you need to book air or train tickets about a month in advance.

Drink plenty of water to maintain vitality.