Chinese Dumpling Banquet

Dumpling is one of the most representative foods of Chinese dietary. In Xi’an Shaanxi, dumpling is popular among eaters of various ages and it develops into a famous local snack— Chinese Dumpling Banquet. It is a lordly feast composed by all kinds of dumplings with different colors and appearances as well as inside stuffs. Therefore it has won a name “Xi’an Dumpling Banquet”. Today, the special feast keeps being one of necessary foods in traditional festivals, such as Spring Festivals and Lantern Festival.

 Xi’an Dumpling Banquet is a feast created by Xi’an Dumpling House and De Fa Chang Restaurant in 1984 based on the traditional dumplings banquet. There usually are more than 100 inside stuffs and each dumpling is filled with different stuff. For example, if there are 7 people, there would be only 7dumplings on the dish on the dining table and the second dish with different stuffed dumplings would be served until the last ones are eaten out. The dining would keep going on until customers can’t eat anymore. In the whole banquet, the same dumplings won’t appear twice.

Dumpling Banquet

The innovation of the dumpling banquet is the major reason why it is well-known and keeps a good sustainable development.

First one, it breaks the traditional cooking ways of inside stuffs. Distinct from pork, beef, mutton and vegetables as the stuffs in the old time, any good-taste and nourishing stuff could be put into dumplings, such as, fruits, eggs, fish, seafood and nuts.

Second one, it breaks the traditional single salty taste and adds some new tastes, such as sour, spicy, palsy and sweet.

Third one, it breaks the traditional crescent shape. Cooking combined with plastic arts supplies lots of new shape for the dumplings banquet. Customers could enjoy and taste the dumplings in the shape of flowers, animal, leaves, human figures and so on.

Fourth one, it also changes the traditional way to have the banquet which only dumplings would be served on the dining table. Now, there are not only dumplings could be tasted by customers, other cold and hot dishes as well as drinking would be roles in the banquet.