The 10 Weirdest Landscapes in China

While those awe-inspiring man-made attractions provide people a lot of entertainment, nothing is as creative as nature. China is a noble destination around the globe boasting plenty of bizarre landscapes, check out the 10 Weirdest one in China here, how many have you seen?


  1. Zhangye Danxia Landform

Danxia is probably the most photographed one among all China’s unusual landscapes, enchanting endless travelers with the bright colorful hills hidden in the barren mountains. Looking from a distance, the mountains’ textures and venations are compressed into distinct layers, the gray layer tiered on the yellow layer and red layer upon the yellow one… like layers of waves sketched by bright colors. The Rainbow Mountain scenic area impresses visitors by the oil-painting-like views, thick and heavy in colors while Binggou Danxia earns its fame with the surreal forms that the red rocks, after wind erosion for millions of years, look like huge mushrooms, pillars, window lattice, and more, shocking the visitors by a fantasy that they are at Roman Palace relics.

  1. Tianchi (Heaven Lake) of Changbaishan Mountain

A jagged crater embraced by 16 mountains had formed after the volcanic eruptions for many times in the millions of years, gathering rainwater, snow water, and underground spring in its arms. The gem-like Tianchi Lake is decorated by a necklace braided by flowers and grasslands—Yes, it’s Tianchi’s face without makeup in summer. However, it is averagely shrouded in the fog for 265 days in a year, echoing its birth from the volcano by the unpredictable characteristic. Even during summer (from July to September), it’s just a few minutes to behold the change from a bright sky to the massing dark clouds, it’s therefore really rare to catch the sight of the beautiful Tianchi. But it’s still worthy of a visit to leave your footprints at the world’s highest crater lake. You can record a stunning change amidst the winds and clouds by the time-lapse photography.

  1. Hailuogou Glacier

Want to explore a glacier but have a lingering fear to the high altitude? We know a perfect place: Gailuogou Glacier, the lowest glacier in Asia, whose lowest end is only at an elevation of 2850 meters. When the glaciers and icefalls on the same latitude are melting by the changes of ecology and climates, Hailuogou Glacier still keeps the awe-inspiring momentum. Moreover, it’s the best place to appreciate the Gongga Mountain, the “King of Sichuan’s Mountains”, from a distance. An exploration to Hailougou Glacier is easily accessible with only 5-hour driving from Chengdu and the rich open-air hot spring resources around also adds more enchantment to it.

  1. Zhangjiajie

If you watched Avatar, the scenes of the hills floating on the planet Pandora must be fresh in your memory. The floating columnar mountains are arrayed in the clouds, the surfaces of cliffs are covered with green plants while a silk-like waterfall is dropping away from the crack hidden in the dense wooden. It’s not out of the question to be immersive in the film scenes as long as you pay a visit to Zhangjiajie on a sunny day after rains or snows. When the fogs fade away, the pillars rising hundreds of meters into the sky, like sky maids uncover their veils, and the whirr uttered by the cameras remind you that you are not in a wonderland only existing in remote tales.

  1. Qaidam Ghost City

Qaidam Ghost City is the largest Yadan landform in China, and probably the most beautiful one. A maze-like soil forest is rising in the deepest of the wild desert, the unusual landscape formed under the erosion by wind and rain shocks the visitors with the landforms as the same bleak as the surface of the moon. The dead silence reigns everywhere when winds stop, you can even hear your heartbeat echoing in the weird mounds as if you are the only human here. The wind howls to carry the sands of the Ghost City when the red setting sun in dusk curtains a half of the sky, a strange feeling mixed of dread and exclamation to beautiful sights rises from the heart bottom of each visitor.

  1. Leye Tiankengs

A bird’s-eye view of Leye would indicate that Leye seems to be smashed by a meteoric swarm. 28 Tiankengs (a Karst Topography) confine to a land of 20 km2, which is rare in the world with such a large density. The 7 Tiankengs in Leye are dominantly in excess of the total numbers of world’s Tiankengs: 13. Especially the awe-inspiring Dashiwei Tiankeng is the second deepest Tiankeng and the Tiankeng with the third maximum volume in the world. Let’s have a real example to help understand how deep it is: the Taipei 101 will not outcrop in the Dashiwei Tiankeng! Leye Tiankeng had been listed as “the world-class geopark” by the UNSECO in 2010. Today you can take the sightseeing cable car to explore the superb Karst landscapes!

  1. Yangshuo Karst Landscapes

Li River flows slowly from Guilin and winds its way through the rolling green hills, depicting breath-taking pictures that are shown in the best way when the river goes to Yangshuo. Yangshuo is a place blessed by God and endowed with the fabulous Karst landscapes. You can hike on the Xianggong Mountain and Laozhai Mountain to capture the splendid scene of mountains-capes and riverscapes bathed in dusk or dawn, sit on the bamboo raft together with local a fisherman to float on the Li River and Yulong River, take photos of the graceful hills alongside. Besides, the diversified Karst rocks capes make Yangshuo a world-class hiking place enchanting numerous adventurers home and abroad.

  1. Tianshan Grand Canyon

Saying goodbye to green Nalat Grassland and Bayanbulak Grassland, heading southwards along the Duku Highway, a sudden change of the land’s color will excite your eyes that the red land instead of the green grassland dominates the front way. The mysterious Tianshan Grand Canyon like a huge scar is hidden in the red landscapes along Duku Highway, attracting all the passengers to stop and explore. A brave putting the fear to the unknown valley aside would be awarded an eye and soul feast by the mighty nature with the amazing landform that the red sandstones overspread the smooth-lined cliffs of the crack with beautiful grains. All is grand here, valley, ground, sky while only the human being is insignificant.

  1. Chongqing Wulong Karst Region

It’s just like a scene in the time travel movie! When you take the sightseeing elevator down to the valley with a depth of hundreds of meters in a few seconds, suddenly, you behold the natural Tianlong Bridge like a huge stone door to open the underground Karst world. Walking along the stone stairs to the bottom, a wonderland is unfolded that the ground is covered by the green grassland and a stream winds its way into the deep crack between the steep cliffs around. With more steps forward, the ancient Chinese traditional houses stand there and overhang their eaves in an elegant way…Surprises never ends, trekking further, you will find more.

  1. Zhada Earth Forest

The picture is very different at Zhada Earth Forest with the earth pillars and pagodas standing on the yellow plateau. At the moment of eyes closing due to the blinding sunlight, a doubt rises in mind: what did happen there? The changes of rivers and lakes together with the erosion from water and wind make the ever Zhada Basin to today’s grand landscapes of earth forest. Even the mysterious Guge Kingdom had existed among the wild earth forest in the remote era. The official viewing platform provides the best angle to admire the gorgeous views of Zhada Earth Forest. Remember, do not miss the hours of sunset or sunrise to take some satisfying photos!