Brief Introduction of Xian City

Xian, as the capital city of Shaanxi province, is the most beautiful and historical city in west China, and in history, she was the traditional capital city of 13 dynasties. Xi’an was famously known as Chang’an before Ming Dynasty. What’s more, Xi’an was also one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, which was also the city in history that had the longest and the most history of capital founding. Also, Xi’an is known as the eastern terminus of the Silk Road as well as the hometown of Terracotta Warriors in Qin Dynasty.

Terracotta Warriros and Horses

Xi’an is the city famous for its amazing natural scene and traditional history, and if you visit here, you will find now it is not only a historical but also a modern fashion city. There are four main touring lines here, named are the west line, the east line, the south line as well as the north line, and everywhere has it unique charms. If you walk in this Xi’an City, you will be horned to see the Ming City Wall to feel well the deep historical sense of the past 13 dynasties. Xi’an now is a hot travel city which has millions historical places, like City Wall, Qin Dynasty, Bell Tower and Drum Tower, Great Wind Goose Pagoda, Tang Paradise, etc., and you can always feel another Chinese traditions and custom here..

About the Xi’an food, you will be crazy to taste all delicious western food just here. Chinese Hamburger, Cool Noodles, Hot Pot as well as various noodles and snacks, you will never want to leave here.

City Wall

About shopping, you can find every luxury brand names here, like Gucci, Prada, Dior, Chanel, etc., and you will find Xi’an now is something more than fashion and prevailing.

Walking in Xi’an Street, listening to the classical bell rings from the Bell Tower, eating the unique snacks, you will find another living paradise here. If you are crazy about China now, read some travel books about China and you will definitely fall in love with this charming Xi’an City for she is always so amazing and fabulous. Are you ready for your travel, now let’s do it!