Gao Family Courtyard

Gao Family Courtyard is the former residence of Gao Yuesong, which located in No.144 Beiyuanmen Street, a part of Muslim Quarter. It covered the living area of 2517 square meters. This is a brick and wood structure courtyard, the host of which Mr. Gao got picked the second prize by the emperor in the imperial examination in the Ming dynasty. The families for 7 generations of Gao people served as officials from the Ming to Qing dynasty.

In 1999, the residence of Gao Family was listed as “the key historical district protection project of China and Norway”, and was renovated with the investment of Norway, and also won the UNESCO cultural heritage protection award of Asia Pacific region in 2002.

There are many kinds of tangible artistic works exhibited in the yard, such as Ming and Qing architectural art, ancient furniture, traditional residential couplets, tile carving, paper-cutting, shadow puppetry, Guzheng performance, celebrity calligraphy and painting, fine Chinese painting, old photos, porcelain and tourist souvenirs with Shaanxi characteristics, etc.

Special Note:

The opening time of this site is 08:30 – 22:30.

Ordinary ticket: 15 RMB (only for entering admission)

Set ticket: ticket + paper-cutting + painting 135 RMB/ ticket + shadow play 30 RMB