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Tour Overview

With this tour you will take the Qinghai-Tibet railway when traveling from Lhasa to Xining. Due to the high altitude of the railway, Qinghai-Tibet railway is also called “Sky Road”. The scenic railway route is deeply loved by each passenger.

Day-by-day Itinerary

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  1. Welcome to Lhasa! When the train arrives in Lhasa, you will receive a Hada for our local guide. Hada, a white scarf, is a traditional gift in Tibet to wish you good luck. Then you will be escorted to hotel and you need to acclimatize yourself to the high altitude.

    Accommodation: Brahmaputra grand hotel Lhasa or same class

  2. AM: In the morning we will visit the Potala Palace, the most notable attraction in Tibet. The palace was originally built in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) when the master of Tibet married daughter of the Emperor Taizong. It is said there are totally 999 rooms in the palace and from the 17th century on, Potala Palace was used as winter palace for Tibetan master.

    Noon: Lunch at local restaurant.

    PM: After lunch, we will move to visit Jokhang Monastery, the most sacred Tibetan Buddhist temple in Buddhist followers’ heart. The temple was built in the golden period of local Tubo Kingdom and is also the earliest earth-and- wood structure building in Tibet. Then take a walk along the Barkhor Street where lots of local handicrafts and little goods full of Tibetan taste waiting for exploring. Come back to hotel.

    Accommodation: Brahmaputra grand hotel Lhasa or same class

    Tibet Potala Palace
    Potala Palace

  3. AM: After hotel breakfast, pick up from hotel by local driver and guide and drive to Sigaze. On the way we will stop at Yamdrok Tso Lake which means Lake of Swan in Tibetan language. The lake is one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet. Looking sky from the lake, it just like a coral branch. It is regarded as the most beautiful lake in southern Tibet.

    Noon: Lunch at local restaurant.

    PM: Next we will visit the Palkhor Monastery, which has about 600 years history. The must see of the monastery is the nine-storey Palkhor Pagoda. Then continue to way to Sigaze.

    Accommodation: Shigatse Hotel or same class (4 stars)

    Tibet Yamdroktso Lake
    Yamdroktso Lake

  4. AM: In the morning, we will drive to visit Tashi Lhunpo Monastery, the largest temple in Shigatse Area. In the monastery you will see the the largest statute of future Buddha in the world. That monastery was founded by the first Dalai Lama in 1447. Now it is one of the six principal monasteries of Gelu Sect (Yellow hat) of Tibetan Buddhism.

    Noon: Lunch at local restaurant.

    PM: Then we will drive back to Lhasa. And one the way we will pass by the scenic Yarlung Zangbo Gorge or Bhamaputra River.

    Accommodation: Brahmaputra grand hotel Lhasa or same class

    Tibet Tashilhunpo Monastery
    Tashilhunpo Monastery

  5. Today you will take the train to Xining and you will experience a scenic train journey in Tibet, the Roof of the World. You will pass by snow-capped Yuzhu Peak and Kunlun Mountain, Kekexili Reserve and Tuotuo River, Fenghuo Mountain Tunnel and Qiangtang Grassland.

    Accommodation: on the train

    Stunning scenery along Qinghai-Tibet Railway
    Stunning scenery along Qinghai-Tibet Railway

  6. After arriving in Xinning we will drive to visit the Ta’er Monastery, as one of the six principal temples of the Tibetan Buddhist Yellow Sect, it is listed into the most famous Tibetan Buddhist temples in Qinghai Province. The construction of the Monastery began in the 1379 of the Ming Dynasty. The Monastery keeps large quantity of Buddhist Sutras and documents about history, literature, philosophy, medicine, legislation, etc. After the visit, check in at local hotel.

    Accommodation: Sanwant Hotel Xining or same class (5 starts)

    Ta'er Monastery
    Ta'er Monastery

  7. AM: In the morning we will visit The Zhongshan Bridge, which is also known as the No.1 Yellow River Bridge. The bridge was built in 1907 of the late Qing Dynasty under the directing of engineers from America and Germany. On the bridge you will get a close view of the Yellow River. Later we will drive to visit Waterwheel Garden. The most remarkable thing in this garden is the waterwheel, an irrigation tool invented in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). In the garden, you will see various kinds of Waterwheels and you will learn about how that ancient irrigation tool functions.

    Noon: Lunch at local restaurant.

    PM: Then board the Express train to Jiayuguan. The train departs at 16:30

    Accommodation: Silk Road Express Train

  8. AM: After breakfast you will pay a visit to Jiayuguan Pass, the very west starting point of the Chinese Great Wall which was built in the Ming Dynasty. That pass is the most magnificent and best preserved fort in China.

    Noon: Lunch at local restaurant.

    PM: Thereafter we will drive to visit the Overhanging Great Wall. That part of the Great Wall was built on mountain ridge. Seeing from distance it likes a dragon hovering over the mountain ridge.

    Accommodation: Holiday Plaza Hotel Jiayuguan or same class (5 stars)

    Jiayuguan Pass
    Jiayuguan Pass

  9. AM: At 10:00 the train will depart to Dunhuang. On the way we will invite Dunhuang Culture experts and professors to introduce detailed background information of this exotic city to you.

    Noon: Lunch at local restaurant.

    PM: Arriving in Dunhuang you will visit the Singing Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake. When you slide down the slope, you can hear the roaring echo of sands, hence the name. Walking a while to reach the Crescent Lake, your eyes will be feasted by the crescent-shaped spring surrounded by the endless Gobi desert. After the happy time in Crescent Lake we will drive back to downtown area for

    In the evening, take a walk in Shazhou Night Market you will meet lots of local snacks, specialties and other interesting objects.

    Accommodation:Dunhuang Hotel or same class (4 stars, the best local hotel)

    Dunhuang Echoing Sand Mountain
    Echoing Sand Mountain

  10. AM:In the morning picked up by driver and guide and transferred directly to Mogao Grottoes, one of the four most famous caves in China and the a must see attraction along ancient Silk Road. The grottoes consist of over 700 caves, 2,000 statues and tens of thousands square meters of mural. The murals reflect not only the religious culture but also some social facts of local area in ancient time.

    Noon: Lunch at local restaurant.

    PM: At 17:00 you will board the train and head to Turpan.

    Accommodation: Silk Road Express Train

    Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes
    Mogao Grottoes

  11. AM: In the morning we will go to visit the Karez Well— an amazing irrigation system which made Turpan a rich oasis. Together with Great Wall, and the Jinghang Grand Canel, they are regarded as the tree engineering miracles of ancient China.

    Noon: Lunch at local restaurant.

    PM: Next we will move to visit Flaming Mountain, the hottest place in summer of China. At last we will go to visit the Jiaohe Ancient City, one of the most important towns along the ancient Silk Road and the largest, oldest and best-preserved earth construction in the world.

    Accommodation: Hoi Tak Hotel or same class (5 stars)

    Jiaohe Ruins in Xinjiang
    Jiaohe Ruins

  12. AM: After breakfast, you will be escorted to visit Heavenly Lake and cruise on the lake. It will make you totally relaxed no matter you are sitting in a boat, walking in the mountains, or just standing by the lake.

    Noon: Lunch at local restaurant.

    PM: Then back to downtown area to continue the tour with Uygur Autonomous Region Museum where you will have a glimpse of Xinjiang history and costume. The museum collects thousands of precious cultural relics unearthed in Xinjiang. At last pay a visit to Xinjiang International Bazaar to explore local market.

    Accommodation: Hoi Tak Hotel or same class (5 stars)

    Xinjiang Heavenly Lake
    Heavenly Lake

  13. Enjoy your free time till the hotel pickup time. You will be picked up from hotel and transferred to airport for your flight departing Urumqi.

Tour Price Per Person

Book the tour with small amount of deposit. ($=USD)
Date Type of Cabin 6-10 person Single supplement in Hotel Single room Supplement in Silk Road Express Train
Jun 14-Jun 26, 2017 Quad Contact Us $470 No Single Room Supplement
Jun 14-Jun 26, 2017 Triple Contact Us $470 No Single Room Supplement
Jun 14-Jun 26, 2017 Twin Contact Us $470 $700
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  • All prices in US dollars.
  • Prices subject to change without any further notice.
  • Minimum two passengers booking.
  • Gratuities are not included, Current rate for all services is Total of USD $10 per day.
  • Accommodation and tour itineraries are subject to change at any time due to circumstances beyond our control.
  • We reserve the right to distribute passengers of sharing cabins.In case the cabin cannot be share, the cost applies on the passengers in the cabin
  • Children age under 11, will be credit only the difference on hotel room costs.
  • No 3 passengers share one hotel room. If only 3 passengers in a 4-person cabin, one passenger has to pay extra hotel room costs.

Price Includes:

    Our experienced tour managers and their assistants are selected for their travel knowledge and organizational abilities allowing you to relax and enjoy your voyage of a lifetime. We receive many exceptional passenger comments about our Tour Managers and their aim is to ensure you enjoy every minute of your holiday.
    Arrival and departure transfers are included.
    Although you will spend much of your time sightseeing or relaxing in the train’s public areas, you will find your hotel room or cabin a welcome retreat at the end of a rewarding day. Hotel and onboard accommodation as described in your individual tour itinerary are included in the tour price. All hotels are of 5 star standard or, in certain locations, the best available. Room upgrades are available on request and at extra cost.
    When you board the train there will be a brochure in your cabin detailing more about your journey and the places en-route. Our Tour Manager will organize a programed of briefings on the cities or places we visit and, each evening, will issue a programed for the next day’s touring schedule.
    All departures feature one or two uniquely designed restaurant cars where you can enjoy the excellent waiter-served food and wine. Several times during the tour we will also sample authentic local cuisine off the train.
    A drinks allowance is included with lunch and dinner.
    Throughout your tour you can expect service which is attentive, friendly and unobtrusive. The high ratio of staff to passenger’s means there is always someone available should you need assistance.
    To give you peace of mind our tours are accompanied by a doctor who travels with us for the entire journey; so you can rest assured that medical assistance is always available. On call 24 hours a day, the doctor is on hand to give primary care as required.
    Your car attendants provide 24-hour housekeeping and bedding turndown services, with one attendant always on duty to assist you and to ensure you are comfortable in your cabin. Complimentary tea, coffee and bottled drinking water are available in your cabin 24 hours a day.

Price Excludes:

  • International Airfare or Train Tickets to enter or leave China.
  • China Entry Visa Fees.
  • Excess Baggage Charges.
  • Personal Expenses such as visa costs, insurance, drinks from the bar car, laundry, spa treatments, hairdressing
  • Single Room Supplement.
  • Tip:Full Service Staff Tip USD10.00/per/day (Train staff, Special train porter, the tour leader, local driver and local guide).
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