Where to See Snow Scenery in Shaanxi

Snow scenery is the most highlight scenery in winter days. But it is not easy to see the thick snow in downtown area. So many people choose to drive out of the city to look for the snow scenery. There are 8 places we’d like to recommend for snow scenery appreciating.

Mt. Huashan

In winter days Mt. Huashan would become a huge wash drawing. The rime covers the trees, rocks, and buildings on the mountain with a layer of glittering quilt. It looks like a dreamland. Standing on top of the mountain and have a far look, the rolls of mountain lie beneath your foot. The whole world looks pure and silver.

Nangongshan Scenic Area

Nangongshan Mountain is also known as Writing-brush-holder Mountain because the three peaks of the mountain looks like the traditional Chinese writing brush holder. It locates at the southern Shaanxi Province and the main peak of the mountain has an altitude of 2264.4 meters.

After the snowfall, the Nangongshan Scenic Area looks extremely beautiful. The rime, snowflake, faint haze, and cloud sea cooperate to create a beautiful Chinese inkwash drawing. That attracts lots of people in nearby area to appreciate snow scenery and participate in snow games.


Hongjianlao Ice Lake

Hongjianlao Scenic Area locates in Shenmu County in northern Shaanxi Province. The local area is the transform belt from Loess Plateau to Inner Mongolian Plateau and has an altitude of 1100 meters.

Hongjianlao Lake takes the shape of a huge triangle and there are 7 seasonal rivers flow into the lake. The lake is the largest desert fresh lake in Shaanxi Province. With the winter coming, the lake would become an ice lake. Very few people dare to go there since the chilly weather. While the people going there would have a big time since they could enjoy themselves on the surface of the lake very much.

Taibai Mountain

Taimai Mountain is the main peak of Zhongnan Mountain. The mountain top is covered with snow all year round. Looking from afar the snow on mountain top is like a white crown. The name of the mountain “Taibai” just means “lasting white”. In winter days, when the first snow falls, from the mountain foot to the mountain top are all covers by the snow. The plants and the buildings on the mountain are all hung with silver thaw.

Hukou Waterfall

Hukou Waterfall is a highlight natural sites nearby Xian. In winter days the cold weather makes the waterfall a huge glacier fall. The quiescent glacier fall looks like a large scale artwork. On the eastern cliff there appear cogbells in various shapes and sizes.

Shimenshan National Forest Park

Shimenshan Forest Park is honored as the “Xishuangbanna on Loess Plateau”. After the snowfall, the whole Shimenshan Mountain top becomes a silver white world. The shiny rimes and snowflake appear on the plants and buildings on the mountain. It looks like a world in fairy tale.

Jinsixia Valley

Jinsixia Valley is known for the un-bothered natural environment. So among local people there is a saying “No need to visit other valley if you have been to Jinsi Valley”. In winter day, Jinsi Valley would be covered by snow and ice. And then you will witness the great snow-and-ice work created by the nature.

Lishan Mountain

At present Lishan Hill is part of Huaqing Pool Scenic Area. To most of tourists, Lishan is the snow scenery appreciating spot that most accessible. Lishan is a branch of Qinling Mountain ranges. When the sun sets, the hill body would be painted by the golden sunglow and it would be much inviting. “Sunset of Lishan Hill” is one of the top 8 natural beauty in Guanzhong Plain. Visiting Lishan Hill in winter days is a nice opportunity to see the boundless snow scenery. And after the climbing, enjoy a hot spring bath here would be an extremely enjoyable experience.

(Pictures are from online Qi’E Shequ)