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Oriental Pearl TV Tower: The Most Photographed Landmark in Shanghai

Standing beside the Huangpu River and at the tip of Lujiazui of Pudong, the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower Tower integrates city sightseeing, shopping and entertainment, historical exhibition, which is one of the iconic cultural attractions and landmarks in Shanghai. With a height of about 468 meters, the tower houses a space capsule, a revolving restaurant, Shanghai History Museum, 263m Sightseeing Galleria and other facilities. The building was built in July 1991 with the total investment of 830 million yuan and put into use in May 1995, which is responsible for the transmission of six wireless televisions in Shanghai. Looking from a distance, the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower with the Nanpu Bridge in the southwest and the Yangpu bridge in the northeast forms an unique picture like “two dragons playing with the pearls”.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Basic Facts about the Oriental Pearl Tower:

  • Visitors here can learn about Shanghai’s past, present and future. If you want to know something about history of Shanghai, Shanghai History Museum is a best place which shows the historical changes of Shanghai from 700 years ago to now. It covers an area of about 10,000 square meters, and gathers more than 100 wax figures. It isan innovative museum integrating history, culture, appreciation and entertainment. Knowing something about present, you can go to the 259 meters transparentobservatory–the only 360 degree completely transparent observatory in the world, which is composed by 72 pieces of tempered glass with the circumference of 150 meters. Visitors here can simultaneously enjoy the splendid view of “wonder of the world” attractions– three super-high buildings which are over 420 meters high stands side by side. What’s more, there has a 78-meter creative moving multimedia show called “78m “Updating City” dynamic ring multimedia show”, which shows the beautiful vision that people will live in harmony with the nature in the next 70 years.
  • There are many famous and creative restaurants, such as the Revolving Restaurant, where people can not only enjoy the delicious food from Southeast Asia, Japan, China and European countries but also appreciate the breath-taking view along the Huangpu River at the same time, and the Coca-cola Happiness Restaurant is also popular with tourists, which isthe only one parent-child interactive restaurant of the Coca-cola theme in the world. In addition, If you want to taste the authentic Shanghai Cuisine, you can not miss the No.8 Old Shanghai Restaurant, and visitors can buy souvenirs or what they like in various kinds of stores here.

How to Buy Entrance Tickets:

  • Price of Entrance Tickets:
Sky Walking Deluxe Package CNY 260 263m Sightseeing Galleria + 259m Transparent Observatory + 78m “Updating City” Dynamic Ring Multimedia Show + Shanghai History Museum + Huangpu River Cruise
Sky Walking Superior Package CNY 220 351m Space Capsule + 263m Sightseeing Galleria + 259m Transparent Observatory + 78m “Updating City” Dynamic Ring Multimedia Show + Shanghai History Museum
Sky Walking Value Package CNY 198 263m Sightseeing Galleria + 259m Transparent Observatory + 78m “Updating City”Dynamic Ring Multimedia Show + Shanghai History Museum + Minipark Interactive Cycling + O Friend + Colorful Inclined Elevator
Sky Walking Standard Package CNY 160 263m Sightseeing Galleria + 259m Transparent Observatory + Shanghai History Museum
Shanghai History Museum CNY 35 Shanghai History Museum
Lunch at Revolving Restaurant(11:00-14:00) CNY 348 267m Revolving Restaurant + 263m Sightseeing Galleria + 259m Transparent Observatory + Shanghai History Museum
Dinner at Revolving Restaurant(17:00-21:00) CNY 388 267m Revolving Restaurant + 263m Sightseeing Galleria + 259m Transparent Observatory + Shanghai History Museum
  • Opening Time: 8:00-21:30

When is the best time to visit?

As the famous tourist destination and landmark of Shanghai, the Oriental Pearl Tower attracts a great number of tourists home and abroad. If you want to have a great travel experience here, it is wise for you to avoid the official holidays in China to visit the Oriental Pearl Tower.

Tips: Visitors had better avoid the official holiday in China, because many Chinese citizens choose to travel on official holidays to ease the pressure of their work. As a result, many Chinese tourist attractions are overcrowded and traffic jams are common. Therefore, visiting China at this time will bring tourists a less pleasant travel experience.

Official Holidays in China

Chinese New Year Around January or February
Winter vacation January-February
Labor Day May1st -3rd
Summer vacation(for students) July-August31st
Mid-Autumn Festival Around mid-September
National Day October 1st-7th

How to get to the Oriental Pearl Tower?

  • Bus
  1. Visitors can take Bus N81, 82, 85, 583, 774, 789, 791, 795, 796, 798, 870, 871, 983, 993, 971, 985, 993, Cailu Special Line, Lujiazui Financial City Line1 and Lujiazui Financial City Loop Line and get off at the Lujiazui Huanlu Fenghelu Station.
  2. Visitors can also take City Sightseeing Bus Line 2 and get off at the Oriental Pearl Tower
  • Subway
  1. Tourists can take Subway Line 2 and get off at the Lujiazui Station, then exit from Exit 1.

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