Recommended Travel Destinations During the March and April

The in-situ New Year policy that China has been implemented for the epidemic has a great effect. Thus, traveling around will also be popular in domestic. Spring is coming! Why not make your travel plan immediately to welcome the great 2021!

We have sorted out several itineraries suitable for travel from March to April. Enjoy the benefits of off-season travel, with fewer people and better price.


Southeast Guizhou

This route passes through the essence of Southeast Guizhou. Along the way, you will appreciate the great scenery of the green hills and clear water, and the stilted buildings in the village give birth to a beautiful and simple pastoral style. Go deep along the township road to experience the characteristics of a more typical mountain village, catch rice fish with the villagers in the terraced fields, see beautiful ethnic costumes everywhere in the village, and live the life of ethnic minority villagers for two days.

This route also includes the less-visited Jiabang Terraced fields which is one of the three famous terraced fields in China. The terraced fields are released from April to May. Just imagine a mirrored landscape from the top to the foot of the mountain. It is highly recommended!



Although the government has released the policy of spending the CNY in your present place, it hasn’t lowered the price of Sanya’s hotel. After the Spring Festival, hotels in Sanya also have a better price. The best choice for traveling to Sanya is from March to May during which the hottest summer vacation hasn’t come. You can enjoy your holiday in Sanya’s luxurious hotel with a better price of one-third of that in the peak season.


West Sichuan Small Circle Line

Spring scenery is everywhere in western Sichuan from March to April. Among them, the pear blossoms of Jinchuan County are the most recommended. The pear blossoms of Jinchuan County are full of mountains and plains, white as snow dancing on the wind, and blooming on the banks of Jinchuan for more than 100 kilometers.

The Jiarong Tibetan houses have unique characteristics. Among them, Jiaju Zangzhai and Zhonglu Zangzhai are the most representative. Hundreds of houses are built on the mountain and blend in with nature. It was once rated as one of the most beautiful villages in China by National Geographic.

The Xindu Bridge in March and April is also extremely beautiful, with more sunny days, better light and shadow, and passing through the treasure destination that has just been discovered in recent years-Moshi Park. The color and uneven landforms will remind you of the alien planets in science fiction movies.



Shangri-La in March and April is at the end of winter and early spring, and the sun is full of vitality. If you want to see the sunrise in Meili snow mountain, you must not miss a visit to Shangri-La at the end of the dry season. It is rare to see that due to the geographical location, there are often clouds and mists around Meili Snow Mountain, making the main peak less likely to be revealed. Winter is the best season to appreciate the breathtaking scenery, and those who can see the golden mountain are seen as lucky ones. You can also experience the Tibetan culture by visiting the local families.



Visiting Dunhuang in the off-season from March to April will allow you to completely experience the picturesque landscape. The thousand-year-old Mogao Grottoes, the stunning Crescent Moon Spring, and rich cultural experience activities made the Dunhuang tourism last year unprecedentedly hot, the must-see Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes often have 2 hours of queuing time during the peak season, while visiting in the off-season can be said to be a great experience of chartered style.

“See Dunhuang Again” directed by Wang Chaoge will also be performed in March, with a contextual fusion performance. This shocking performance will present the 2000 years of Dunhuang culture in front of you vividly.



Except for Sanya, the most popular tourist destination in China during the Spring Festival is Xishuangbanna. The warm climate and southeast Asian architecture and food are all the reasons of visiting Xishuangbanna. The moderate temperature in March and April is suitable for spending your holiday.

This is a journey to build a new way of life with nature. During the itinerary, you will experience the pristine tropical rainforest, picnic in the rainforest camp, and experience the natural taste of art. Stay in a wild luxury camping tent on the top of the mountain, with the world as the space and the mountains and forests as the decoration, and spend a beautiful night with the stars.

Go deep into the Jinuo Mountain, the first of the six tea mountains of Pu’er tea, learn about the Chinese Pu’er tea culture and participate in the tea making experience, and get close to the Asian elephants in the Wild Elephant Valley. Taste Xishuangbanna’s special dishes, feel the ethnic culture and gorgeous scenery.

The Water Splashing Festival in mid-April is the grandest festival of the Dai people. It is the New Year of the Dai people. The villages of the Dai people will hold various competitions. It is a competition between the stockade and the stockade. There are dragon boat races and water splashing. The most lively activity of these three days is the Thousands of People’s Water-Splashing Festival. At night, water lanterns will be held along the Lancang River to pray for blessings.


Guilin Yangshuo Tangshe

The Tangshe with an average price of less than 1100 for one night is the lowest price promotion in history. The package is sold in limited quantities and will be offline at any time. It is recommended to stock up and make an appointment, and it is possible to cancel without an appointment!

The Yangshuo Tangshe is transformed from an old sugar yard. It is a resort that integrates modernization and old architecture. The newly built standard guest rooms and villas are located on the two wings of the old sugar factory.



Traveling to Tengchong in March and April will enjoy the warm sunshine and have a relaxing vacation. Heshun ancient town, the Beihai wetlands, and the volcanic hot sea are all beautiful in Spring when the earth is recovering. The temperature in spring is also very comfortable for hot springs.

Every March, ten thousand acres of rape blossoms in Tengchong Jietou form a sea of flowers. Mountains, cottages, roads, and rivers are all integrated into the sea of rape flowers. Walking on the road in the fields and watching the great scenery just like being in a painting, enjoy the fragrance of rape blossoms, and the fields present a charming spring.

Kang Teng Gaoligong Tented Camp is adjacent to Gaoligong Mountain Natural Park. Gaoligongshan Natural Park is the first natural park in mainland China. It is a nature reserve integrating protection, experience, education, leisure and scientific research. The natural park is densely forested and rich in animal and plant resources. Among them, there are more than 40 species of national key protected wild animals, such as Hoolock Gibbon and Grey Leaf Monkey.


Tibet Nyingchi

In March, Nyingchi faded from the winter cold, and thousands of peach blossoms appeared here like a sea of flowers. The Nyingchi Tourism Bureau officially renounced, The 2021 Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival will open on March 23. The best time to enjoy the flowers is from March 20 to April 20.

The flowering period of blooming is about 1 month. Driving along the snow-capped mountain lake and the road in front of the house on both sides of the 400-kilometer highway of G318, under the background of the gradual pink, you can feel the special poetic and artistic style in the Eastern Tibet area.

Nyingchi has a low altitude (less than 3000m on average), which is lower than Jiuzhaigou/Huanglong/Shangri-La. The lowest point of the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon is only about 900 meters, making it almost impossible to have high altitude sickness in most areas of Nyingchi. It is very suitable for the tourists who take the first trip to Sichuan-Tibetan line.


Mile + Puzhehei

From March to April, the air in Puzhehei is fresh and the water is particularly clear. Although it has not yet reached the blooming season of the lotus, it is when the peach blossoms are in full bloom. There are many peach blossoms and 16 lakes in Puzhehei. The surface of the water is like a string of pearls connected together. The lakes and mountains, the clear water and the sky, are like a paradise on earth; It is the best choice for traveling in Spring to enjoy the sunshine and picturesque natural landscapes in the grasslands.

The newly opened DongFengYun Hotel Mi’le-MGallery is located in Dongfengyun Town. The most distinctive feature is the red buildings with peculiar shapes and novel styles. Among them, the Kaleidoscope Art Gallery is the most eye-catching. From April every year, the large tracts of lavender, swallowtail, bluebells, yellow crown chrysanthemum and other beautiful flowers of Lavender Manor complement each other with the Dutch-style windmills, as if they are in exotic Europe, so it has the reputation of “Provence in Central Yunnan”.



There are almost no seasonal restrictions on traveling to Kashgar. In late March to mid-April every year, in the Xinghua Village at the foot of the Pamirs, the century-old apricot trees cover the sky, and the cloud-like flowers bloom proudly, resembling a fairyland. Apricot blossoms, snow-capped mountains, villages, Tajiks… constitute a beautiful paradise.

Wandering in the Grand Bazaar in Kashgar, here is a dazzling array of various ethnic handicrafts. Surround yourself with the animated scroll of Uyghur customs. Crafts, architecture, costumes, folklore, food, history… The old city condenses many Uyghur cultures and Central Asian customs. Listen to the old local artists playing musical instruments, and feel the local cultural customs.

From Kashgar to Ta County, the first thing you see on the road is the natural scenery of the Pamirs. You can see Baisha Lake, Karakuri Lake, Muztag Peak, Gongger Peak, Gongger Jiubie Peak and so on in turn.

It is often said that appreciate the scenery in northern Xinjiang and feel the humanities in southern Xinjiang. But in fact, southern Xinjiang not only has western-style that is clearly different from that of northern Xinjiang and inland, but the natural scenery of southern Xinjiang is also very magnificent on the whole, but the style is different from that of northern Xinjiang.



Speaking of Guangxi, the first thing that comes to many people’s minds was “Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world.” However, this time, we will recommend you to enjoy the magnificent Guangxi landscape in some less-visited scenic spots along the Sino-Vietnamese border, with few people to appreciate better scenery.

Guangxi in March and April has a moderate temperate, you can enjoy the warm sunshine and the sunset at dusk, travelling around at night is also a pretty good experience.

Guangxi Bama Yao Autonomous County has many tiankeng groups, among which the most representative ones are Baimo Cave and Bainiaoyan. Tiankeng is surrounded by precipices along four sides. The rock walls are steep, shaped like a knife, which is very magnificent. The original vegetation is rich. Sunlight can enter from the entrance of the pit, and the clear water drops from the cliff, converging into a stream, becoming the source of life for the “kingdom of animals and plants” in the tiankeng.