Yongxingfang Food Street

Though Muslim quarter is still the most popular food street in Xian, an increasing number of Xian people and domestic go to Yongxingfang Food Street to try typical Shaanxi Food. If you want to see the bustling scenery, Muslim Quarter will be the first choice. If you want to try some Shaanxi Food, we will recommend Yongxingfang nearby East Gate of the City Wall to you.

Yongxingfang locating inside the Zhongshan Gate (nearby the East Gate) of ancient Xian City Wall is a recently opened food street which is committed to supplying Intangible cultural heritage Food in Shaanxi Province. Besides the local food, the night view of the street is the highlight as well. Compared with Muslim Quarter, which is most famous for Muslim Food, Yongxing fang is of richer kinds of local food and snacks and better sanitary condition. So an increasing number of tourists choose to visit Yongxingfang instead of Muslim Quarter. So it can be regarded as the second Muslim Quarter in Xian.

Yongxingfang covers an area of 1 hectare with 130 meters long from west to east and 88 meters wide from south to north. It consists of ancient styled buildings, decorated archway, public square, inner Pedestrian Street, etc. The most distinctive architectural feature of Yongxingfang is the decorated archway and the local folk architecture complex built in the Ming and the Qing Dynasty.

The layout of the food street is designed based on study of market trading facts in the Ming and the Qing Dynasty. So taking a walk in that street one will learn about the ancient market pattern and try rich kinds of local food at the same time.

Tourists could find authentic snack from each part of Shaanxi Province and nearly 20 sections including Guanzhong Building, Northern Shaanxi Building, Southern Shaanxi Building, Folk Culture Hall, and Public-interest ad Wall. So tourists could experience food tour, feel traditional Chinese culture and shopping in the street when walking along it.

Snacks worthy of recommending are Sanyuan Jinxian Youta (a kind of steamed sliced pastry), Caituan (Vegetable Roller), Qishan Ganmianpi (A kind of cold noodles), Qishan Saozimian (Sliced noodles in clear or pork soup), Roujiamo (Chinese Hamburger), Dali Daibazhouzi (Steamed Pig elbow), Lanztian Qiaomian Heluo (Noodles made of buckwheat powder), Qinzhen Mipi (Steamed noodles made of rice powder), Xianyang Biangbiangmian (a kind of wide hand-pulled noodles), Snayuan Liaohuatang (a kind of sweet course), Wugong Mahua (a kind of fried twisted wheat powder stick), Jingyang Pebble Baked Cake (a kind of cake baked among layers of cooking pebble).

One more highlight of Yongxingfang is that there are participative tourist programs: try to make a local souvenir or local snack on your own to add more memory to your Xian tour. In one world, pay a visit to Yongxingfang Food Street you will find a better Muslim Quarter in Xian.